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Upgrade Your Relationship with Money


To show my appreciation, I have a special offer for you!

Is your money mindset routine getting you lackluster results? 

It's time to be a CEO with your money.

Be the



of Your Money


6 game-changing resources to change your relationship with money in your business forever. 

With this bundle, you'll learn:

How to go from stressed and strapped for cash to feeling abundant and always in overflow, both in business and your home.

How to consistently feel confident, calm and care-free when you look at your numbers

How to pay off debt and stay out of debt permanently.

How to feel wealthier than ever because you’re always working from overflow.

With this bundle, you'll get:

The Money Flow Chart

Never wonder what your cash position is in your business again. This tool takes the stress out of your business finances. A step-by-step how to video takes you through each step of the process and shows you how to use this tool on repeat every month.

Seasons of Money

What are the different seasons of money? How do you know which you're in? What should you do in each season? I'm taking you step by step to fully understand your unique seasons in business and with your money.

Irregular Income to Consistent Cash

If you're know the struggle that is irregular income! How about we grab it by the horns and pay ourselves consistently? That works for me! This training walks you through my process for making the most irregular income feel like a steady paycheck.

...and BONUSES!

9 Ways to Break Up with Your Credit Cards

This bonus resource is for you if:


You’re done with leaning on your credit card to get through the month and ready to get clear on what to do instead


You’re done with being constantly stressed and confused about where your money’s going and ready to simplify your plan


You’re done with feeling like a victim and ready to take intentional action to break up with your credit cards for good...

Get 30 Days Ahead Challenge

Waiting on a client payment to pay your VA? Watching your Stripe account like a hawk because your mortgage is due? Tired of shuffling money around EVERY. SINGLE. MONTH?

Try the "Get 30 Days Ahead" Challenge and banish your "borrowing from Peter to pay Paul" ways forever.

Save 1K in 30 Days Challenge

If you want to save your first $1000 or your next $1000, this fun challenge has everything you need to find the money to save, track your progress, and celebrate your success along the way.


There's even a pep talk from Katy to keep the motivation high these 30 days!

Valued at $497

YOURS for only $47 USD

Hi, I'm Katy!


Leading Money Mentor & Wealth Coach for driven women entrepreneurs ready to improve their relationship with money and be a CEO with money in their business and life.


Using my signature Moneywise Framework, I help women connect with their money, learn how to spend, save, and invest for their unique lifestyle, and build the life of their dreams. 


Back in 2009, early on in my teaching career (I was a high school teacher for 13 years!) I was broke, frustrated, $35,000 in debt, and maxing out credit cards left and right.


Enough was enough and I got serious about my money. 

Since then I’ve paid off all my debt, gotten married, had two kids, retired from teaching, and started a business, which I’ve grown debt-free for the past 5 years. 


I haven’t had fancy overnight success, I don’t own any Louis Vuitton bags, and my Toyota Sienna is a 2006. 


But I have a high net worth, I don’t fight about money with my spouse, I’ve made money in my business every single month for over five years, and I basically get to do and have everything I want.


When I started my debt-free journey over a decade ago, I had no idea the powerful catalyst that certain new habits and tools would be for my wealth building journey.


Which is why I’ve created this bundle to help you on your journey too.

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"The Irregular Income to Consistent Cash course helped me better understand how to get a month ahead. I'm feeling way more positive about the future!"

Testimonial graphic.png

"I just feel so much less stressed about money now. It's so refreshing and relieving! I can look at my numbers calmly now... almost care-free! That's a pretty huge shift."

Testimonial graphic.png

"I'm inspired to follow more creative parts of my life. I have way more trust around myself with my money, and I can create the time to do more for ME and not hustle so much!"

Valued at $497

YOURS for only $47 USD

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