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Find out how to go from stressed and strapped for cash to feeling abundant and always in overflow, both in business and your home.

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You’ve always wanted to start shedding some of your fear surrounding money.


Instead of losing your shit when you look at your numbers, you want to feel confident, calm and care-free.


To make this shift you need to create positive money habits and understand how to map out a money strategy that allows you to save money, pay off debt & live the life of your dreams.

I’ve created a money tool to get you started on your wealth building journey.

This is the same tool I share with my private clients to help them on their journey to crush their big money goals – and now it’s available to you for FREE.

Using this tool my clients go from stressed and strapped to calm and intentional with their money (in business and at home).


They start to feel the wealthiest they ever have because they’re always working from overflow.


Get your hands on the tool that ensures you never go into debt again.

Hi, I'm Katy!


Leading Money Mentor & Wealth Coach for driven women entrepreneurs ready to improve their relationship with money and be a CEO with money in their business and life.


Using my signature Moneywise Framework, I help women connect with their money, learn how to spend, save, and invest for their unique lifestyle, and build the life of their dreams. 


Back in 2009, early on in my teaching career (I was a high school teacher for 13 years!) I was broke, frustrated, $35,000 in debt, and maxing out credit cards left and right.


Enough was enough and I got serious about my money. 

Since then I’ve paid off all my debt, gotten married, had two kids, retired from teaching, and started a business, which I’ve grown debt-free for the past 5 years. 


I haven’t had fancy overnight success, I don’t own any Louis Vuitton bags, and my Toyota Sienna is a 2006. 


But I have a high net worth, I don’t fight about money with my spouse, I’ve made money in my business every single month for over five years, and I basically get to do and have everything I want.


When I started my debt-free journey over a decade ago, I had no idea the powerful catalyst that certain new habits and tools would be for my wealth building journey.


Which is why I’ve created a tool to help you on your journey too.

Avoid Debt

The number one reason my clients use debt is because of a lack of planning. This tool reduces reliance on the convenience and safety net of a credit card. This matters to you because you can see exactly where your blind spots are with money and how you can avoid debt moving forward.

Live in Overflow

It’s time to say goodbye to the story that there’s just enough or that you will call in exactly what you need. I’m interested in you having more than enough, creating cushions around your business and family that give you breathing room, peace and calm when it comes to your money. 

Steal the Strategy

In addition to sharing the EXACT tool my clients and I use to get these incredible results, I’ve also recorded a video walking you through step by step just how easy it is to use. I also answer common questions that come up on coaching calls in the mastermind, so you can come back to this resource anytime you need to troubleshoot. This will help make it even easier for you to get real results, faster.

With this tool, I'll help you:

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