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Shifting Your Mindset and Building Wealth in Your Business with Lani Jackson

This week on the podcast I’m talking to my friend, Lani Jackson.

Lani is a Business Strategist, mindset clarity coach, and founder of Empowered to Profit M.O.R.E. a program for mom entrepreneurs who are ready to design a life and business they love by empowering themselves to create a customer strategy that brings high profits in time, energy, fulfillment, and income.

She is a mom to 6 kids, host of the Brilliant Mompreneurs Podcast, and community leader of the Brilliant Mompreneurs Society.

This conversation was so powerful because we uncovered so many parallels between business and money strategy and mindset.

Lani’s decade and a half experience as a business owner lends to incredible insight and advice for any entrepreneur in her growth stage of business.

In this episode you’ll hear:

  • How money mindset has affected Lani’s business trajectory and the work she’s done along the way to improve her relationship with money

  • The mistakes entrepreneurs are making when they set money goals and what to focus on instead

  • How to market in your business to grow your revenue in less time that it takes to make a good cup of coffee.



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