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3 Habits to help you be 'better with money' in the new year

Have you ever said this to yourself: “I’m not good with money”

Yes? Cool, then this episode is for you.

First and foremost, I want to debunk that myth that we are inherently good or bad with money.

Most of us never really learned how to deal with money, and many grew up witnessing or experiencing awkward money talks, arguments, and loads of shame or guilt around the whole money thing.

In this episode, I’m walking you through three specific ways to improve your money habits in 2024.

I’m sharing:

  • How much time you actually need to spend with your money plan each week and what most women are doing that sets them back

  • What super healthy boundaries with money look like (and the unhealthy boundaries so many of us put in place)

  • How to know whether you are successful with money in 2024 (and taking the pressure off hitting specific goals)

In this episode you’ll get the answers to the above questions and three very specific and supportive habits so you can be YOUR version of successful with money this year.


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