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Are you ready to reach your money


and live the life you 



I see you, sweet friend.

You’re making money.

You’re excited about the impact you’re having in your business.


But month after month after month, it feels like you have nothing to show for it.


You’ve considered giving up on the financial freedom dream a time or two. 

But you KNOW deep down that you were made for so much more.


You know that more money in your hands is a GOOD thing. 

You’ve figured out how to make it.


It’s time to take off the blinders, be the CEO of money in your life, and start building a net worth that you’re proud of.


Whether you have a trust fund or $50,000 in credit card debt, if you don't know what your money is doing each month and you don't like the relationship you have with it...this mastermind is for you.

  • You get to be content with where you are because you’re growing your net worth every day.

  • You get to wake up without money stress because the clear strategy is in place. 

  • You get to stop feeling awful about credit cards because you don’t HAVE to use them.

You're ready for more.


A clear plan for your money that builds your net worth without always feeling stressed out.


A strategy for your money that makes sense and works with your lifestyle without sacrificing all your favorite things. 


Shopping where you want without anyone telling you how many apples you can buy at Trader Joe’s.


Having control over your money without having to cut back spending completely.


Modeling a healthy relationship with money for your children without the trauma.


Directing your revenue consistently and intentionally to create spaciousness in your business for strategic planning. 


Knowing how much to pay yourself, how much to invest in your business, and how much you should spend on outsourcing, saving, paying off debt, etc.


Feeling empowered with money. Empowerment that comes from knowing that your money is taking care of business and you are building wealth over time.

You CAN...

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Create healthier boundaries with money so you can say yes to what you love and no to what drains your resources

Pay off those nagging credit cards so you're not paying hundreds of dollars a month--in interest!

Learn how to spend money on things you love AND reach your financial goals

Think about money without stressing out

Are you ready to                   your relationship with money
and grow your net worth               
what you thought was possible?



I'm Katy

And I’m here to tell you it’s not just possible… it can TOTALLY be your reality.


Back in 2009, early on in my teaching career (I was a high school teacher for 13 years!) I was broke, frustrated, $35,000 in debt, and maxing out credit cards left and right.


Enough was enough and I got serious about my money. 

Since then I’ve paid off all my debt, gotten married, had two kids, retired from teaching, and started a business, which I’ve grown debt-free for the past 5 years. 


I haven’t had fancy overnight success, I don’t own any Louis Vuitton bags, and my Toyota Sienna is a 2006. 


But I have a high net worth, I don’t fight about money with my spouse, I’ve made money in my business every single month for over five years, and I basically get to do and have everything I want.

Here’s what I know: 

Entrepreneurs aren’t being told the truth about money, and they’re not learning the basics. 


This is the financial education you’ve always wanted and haven’t gotten.

This is a future I can get behind:

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No more highlight reels of staged wealth 

No more all or nothing strategies

No more 10K months or bust

No more restaurant strikes because you have credit card debt


The group mastermind designed to elevate your relationship
with money and grow your net worth.

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Why a Mastermind?

Women need a safe space to talk about money.


We need a safe space to share our stories, to rewrite our beliefs, and to heal our relationships with money. 

Community gives us a sense of belonging. 

Community empowers the individual to take action. 

When it comes to your money, having a community of amazing, like-minded women shows us that we're not alone in the obstacles we face or the misguided stories we tell ourselves. 

When you join a community like the Moneywise Mastermind, you give yourself the advantage of peer support, encouragement, and perspective. 

I've coached women in a 1:1 setting for five years, and I'm amazed at how similar my clients are when it comes to their money stories and their desires for the future. 

I crave this community for my clients. I'm excited for ALL of us to grow together, to rise together, to support each other on this journey to true financial freedom.

Moneywise participants agree. The community aspect of this program is incredible! 

"Katy does an amazing job creating a safe, judgement-free environment within the Moneywise coaching calls. It's such a difficult subject to talk about, but I felt so comfortable opening up and being vulnerable, and that's when the real transformations happened. Everyone in the Moneywise community was so helpful and empowering. I received virtual high-fives when I shared my wins and encouragement and compassion when I shared my frustrations. The more we shared with each other the more we all benefited." 

The Moneywise Framework


Connect with your money


Direct your money


Build your foundations

What Moneywise clients are saying...

I tend to overthink and over-complicate my processes when it comes to money. Katy puts everything in simple terms. I had so many "aha" moments over the course of the Moneywise Mastermind, because everything she taught us and the actionable steps were very easy to implement.


Another thing I appreciated was that Katy creates a safe environment to be vulnerable without feeling judged or ashamed. It's super difficult to talk about money, but with Katy, everything is easy.

I can look at my numbers without crying! I paid my first and second quarter taxes for next tax season and am actively saving for the next quarter. I still have credit card debt but it doesn't fill me with dread anymore, because I am confident in my ability to pay it off in the future.

I am so not bothered by money anymore. I have a clear picture of where I'm going and what I'm doing and how to use my money to achieve my goals. I no longer distrust myself. I am confident in my ability to manage my money for the benefit of myself and my family.

Katy is a great listener and a great coach. I always felt very seen by her. I could tell her what I was struggling with and she had a magic way of boiling it down and extracting the real issue so that I was clear what to do and how to do it. She's gentle and receptive which makes it safe to open up. And she's also very pragmatic and down-to-earth, so you're not left feeling like your only path to abundance is wishing for it. She gives actionable advice and practical knowledge that puts you in the driver's seat and helps you feel in control of your journey. You're an active participant, rather than a victim of circumstance. I always left the 1:1 calls feeling confident and empowered.

It turned out to be the best investment I've ever made and I think everyone should do themselves a favor and join Moneywise.

Finances have often felt "above me", and Katy felt so down to earth and her approach was empowering in how she taught and broke down the steps into a manageable process. That felt so good, to feel empowered and supported by Katy the whole time.

I got my business buckets and finances set-up, and in a steady consistent process. I can now plan ahead for a vacation and feel confident I know how much money I need to save.

I love feeling empowered as CEO and business owner of my business.

Less stress about money, better communication with my partner on our finances. We now know what we can and cannot afford, and are living within our means in an intentional way and focusing on what is most important to us.

Katy is wonderful. Very clear, grounded and supportive.

I believe everyone should have this information and knowledge to feel empowered in their finances.

This is where you get a high-touch money coaching experience, fundamental money education, AND an incredible community cheering each other on their journeys to superior financial health.

The Moneywise Program
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Month 1: Moneywise Foundations

We start right off by identifying exactly where you are on your money journey and where you should focus next. Moneywise foundations are the building blocks for your road to financial freedom.

Month 2: Spending Plans for Life and Business

Next, we'll develop your unique spending plans for your personal finances and your business spending. This takes away all the questions of what you can afford, what you should or should not spend money on, and what to prioritize!

Moneywise (2).png

Month 3: Create your 90-day savings plan

Savings might not be your top priority with your money, but hear me out. We're going to find your blind spots with money, and we're going to create the savings containers and game plan to make your life SO.MUCH.EASIER. 

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Month 4: Build a healthy relationship with your money

Limiting money beliefs, watch out! We're going to do the money mindset work that actually changes the way you think about money and feel when you log on to check those balances. 

Moneywise (5).png

Month 5: Simple Systems and Elegant Structures

There's nothing like creating a great system for your money than to have it work seamlessly month after month! I share everything I know about keeping your money systems simple so you can leave it alone and let it do its thing.

Month 6: Living the Dream

Life happens on the way to financial freedom. Moneywise participants learn how to spend money on things that MATTER without guilt, shame, and regret. All while building their solid money foundations. 

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Monthly Live Trainings with Katy


Full Day Virtual Money and Business Retreat


2 x 90 Minute Group Coaching Calls Every Month in Cohorts of 8 or less


Bonus 60 min 1:1 Coaching Call 


Lifetime access to membership resource library (over 40 videos, worksheets, and templates)


Daily Coaching in a group Slack Channel


Private coaching in Slack DMs for the money questions you have for my eyes only.

What do you receive when you join?

What’s the total value of everything in Moneywise?

$18,000 USD

Actual price you’ll pay to transform your relationship with money and elevate your net worth:

Save $500 with the

6 monthly payments of only $417
(or $2497 USD paid in full)

I learned that its okay to have conversations about money. It doesnt have to be taboo. I loved all the programs to help manage budgets, buisness vs personal pay and more.

She is so friendly and sweet and willing to work with her clients wherever they may be.

I gained so many new tangibles. I was able to consolidate and pay off several loans and credit cards. I created my own money buckets and introduced the concept of 'fun' money into the house. I have such a more realistoc and healthy relationship with money.

I have a significant amount less of stress regarding money and finances. I was able to learn that circumstances happen to me not money.

Katy gets it.  She knows struggles and knows how to support me in my goals.  She is personable and kind - she doesn't judge or make me feel bad for where I am.  She is so encouraging!

Within 2 weeks of using the tracker - I found $750 to cut out of my spending!!!! Within 6 weeks I found an additional $200! Amazing!!!

I have a better mindset around my money and am excited to tackle more!

Definitely feel more empowered and not as scared to look at my money every day!! I feel like I have a pulse on my money and it was so painless - ha! Never thought I'd be here!

If you’re ready to elevate your relationship with money and take practical steps to grow your net worth, this mastermind is for you. 

Q & A

Does Moneywise offer scholarships?

Yes. If you are interested in learning more, please send an email to

When does the program start?

September 2023. The official kick off date is Monday, September 18.

What time will the calls be?

There will be an assortment of call times. Upon registration, you'll fill out a survey of your preferred available times and I'll do my best to assign you to a cohort that fits your schedule!

I’m really busy. Will this be offered in the future?

We're always going to be busy :) That said...yes! The next round begins in March 2024. 


Are there refunds?

There are no refunds. I am 100% committed to working with you and your money, and I expect you to enroll only when you are fully committed as well. 

Can you guarantee results?

No. Please be wary of any coach who does guarantee results. You are fully in control of your participation and willingness to be coached over the next several months. That being said, you can see from the words shared from past clients throughout this page that this process works and women like you get results every week.


How much access is there to Katy?

A lot!! In addition to monthly trainings, bi-weekly small group coaching calls, and a daily Slack channel, each participant will have a 1:1 coaching call with Katy partway through the program, as well as additional 1:1 calls earned through Moneywise Points.

Is there a payment plan available?

Yes, absolutely. A six month payment plan is available to all participants. A $300 deposit is required to hold your space, and monthly installments can be made beginning in September.

What are Katy’s qualifications and experience?

Katy has been coaching women with their money for over five years, during which time her clients have drastically improved their relationship with money, tripled their income, started saving money for the first time, started businesses, left jobs, retired, and paid off 1M in debt. 


Katy was certified as a Master Financial Coach by Ramsey Solutions in 2018, but has since developed her own framework for helping women with their money in a way that encourages them to foster a healthy relationship with money without shame, guilt, or judgment. 


Prior to money coaching, Katy was a teacher and coach for nearly 15 years, where she honed her listening, mentoring, coaching, and teaching skills.



Final Word…


You’ve invested a lot of money and time in your business, and I truly believe that your relationship with money is the catalyst for all the business blocks you must be experiencing right now. 


Simply put, invest in your relationship with money, and the rest will be easy.


A simple strategy and connected relationship with your money are the keys to peace with your money and a net worth that GROWS over time.


Not having those things?

A huge stress for so many people with their money.


Let’s build your strategy and improve your relationship with money together.

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