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3 Reasons You Need a Money Coach in Your Life and Business

Katy Almstrom, a money mentor and financial coach for self-employed women, delves into the common struggle with savings and offers valuable insights on how to increase your savings.

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In this episode of Messy to Magnetic, Katy shares the three key reasons why having a money coach in your life can make a significant difference. She delves into the importance of gaining clarity about your financial situation, making fact-based decisions, and creating a solid money strategy. Katy illustrates how working with a money coach can propel you towards your financial goals at a much faster pace and how it empowers you to normalize conversations about money, cultivating a healthier relationship with finances and inspiring positive impacts. 

Furthermore, Katy sheds light on how working with a money coach can expedite progress towards long-term financial goals, emphasizing the crucial role of creating effective systems and habits. Additionally, she underlines the significance of normalizing conversations about money, emphasizing the positive impact of fostering healthy relationships with finances, not only for oneself but also to inspire and educate others.

Listen in as she explores the transformative power of having a money coach and the impact it can have on your life and business.

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