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Behind the scenes of the Moneywise Mastermind - an Interview with Rissa Crozier

Rissa Crozier is The Marketing Unicorn and a virtual assistant, with a passion for making the world a better place by helping small businesses and entrepreneurs with their online presence. Rissa is a heart-centered professional known for her keen eye for design and organizational wizardry. She produces podcasts as well as creates beautiful websites, graphics, and reels for her clients. She also happens to be my amazing VA!

In this episode, I talk with Rissa about her experience with money and what she learned from the Moneywise program.

You'll hear:

  • why she left a 10-year career to start her own business

  • how past financial trauma affected her relationship to money

  • exactly why she joined Moneywise and how it’s completely changed how she feels about money

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