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How I have money lying around to invest in coaching

Have you ever paid for coaching with a credit card, got so-so results, and had $2, $5K, even 10K or more in added debt at the end of the program?

Have you ever heard coaches online say “nobody has money just lying around for coaching”?

You’re not alone.

The online coaching industry has a LOT of messaging that says you shouldn’t expect to have savings for coaching [but you should do it anyway if you want to grow your business] and a lot of programs/coaches out there just aren’t a great fit for your business, even if their marketing says otherwise.

No more!

What would it be like to work with coaches and programs you know and trust?

What would it be like to have some cash saved to invest in your business?

Let’s chat about this. I’m sharing the three strategies I use to have cash available when I want to invest in my business and the things I teach my clients so they’re ready to invest without all the debt.



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