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How I’m planning my money for 2024 - Part Two

This week’s episode is part two of my two part series “How I’m planning my money for 2024.” In part 1, I talked about how my husband and I plan our personal finances for the new year. And in part 2, we’re talking about my business specifically. 

This is a brief episode because honestly, my planning in my business for 2024 has been brief. 

For various reasons, I’m saving a lot of planning for January this time around, but today I’m sharing three very specific money planning steps I’m taking and you can take in your business. 

These will help you:

~~ Get a clear picture of revenue coming into your business each quarter of the year

~~ Reduce stress around big annual expenses

~~ Prioritize what to invest in in your business in 2024 (I’m sharing what I’m investing in Q1!)

Short, sweet, and to the point, this episode will give you some tools and ideas for how to think about the money in your business in the new year. 



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