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How to Upgrade Your Money Mindset Practice

Tired of a pile of money affirmations that aren't working for you?

Sick of trying to outsmart your brain into believing something it doesn't?

It’s time for an upgraded look at how we’re doing this whole “money mindset” thing.

In today’s episode, I’m sharing information I’ve collated over the past few weeks from some of my favorite and most trusted sources and giving you a fresh look at how to think about money mindset.

Yup, this is a mindset shift for your mindset practice.

If you’re tired of the customary “money mindset” module in every business coaching program, really done with positive money affirmations, and ready to take some practical action to improve your relationship with money, then this episode is for you.

Also make sure to grab a copy of the brand new resource I shared in this episode:



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