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Navigating the Coaching Jungle with Heather Wylde

Heather is not your average business coach – she's a seasoned entrepreneur with nearly three decades under her belt, including a limo service and a significant stint in coaching since 2009. This episode is crammed with golden nuggets from her journey, from the money mindset hurdles that come with business growth to the precision needed in messaging and communicating the value of her services.

In this episode we’re looking at the topic of choosing the right business coach and avoiding the dreaded "feeding frenzy" that often results after seeking help. With her upcoming new book, "What Every Entrepreneur Wishes They'd Known Before They Hired a Coach," Heather is set to enlighten us on making empowered decisions in the coaching jungle.

Heather's refreshing take on entrepreneurial investments — where the glitz of designer clothes doesn't glitter, and the true luxury is an off-grid home and a classic car running on peanut oil — will inspire you to reevaluate what success really means. I always love when we can look at the real life dreams of real life women and the behind the scenes process it entails.

Please join us for this conversations! And for those hungry for more, Heather's book on sale for ninety-nine cents is an excellent option for entrepreneurs looking to make savvy coaching investments.

Heather Wylde is a Lead Generation + Sales Coach and the mad genius behind Wylde Coach LLC. She is passionate about helping purpose-driven coaches and healers to double (or even 3X) their sales without having to compromise their integrity with false hype or sleazy sales strategies.

Her innovative trainings and DWY support help entrepreneurs to raise their close rates from 20% to 60-70% without using any mind games or manipulations. She’s all about working smarter, not harder and emphasizes techniques that get your ideal clients reaching out to you!

When she’s not saving the coaching world from sleazy sales, she’s doffs her cape and settles into one of her many hobbies: reading copious amounts of paranormal smut, singing folk songs at open mics, or making people choke on their drinks with her outrageous standup comedy act.

Her hair once caught fire at a dead man’s wedding.

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