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The 3 Pieces to Your Successful Money Strategy

What actually creates a successful strategy for your money that allows you to make more, keep more, and ENJOY more of it?

Listen, there are a LOT of money mindset coaches out there.

There are a LOT of systems/profit/accounting resources out there.

There are very few who take a holistic approach to money, showing you what to DO with your money, how to THINK about your money, and how to navigate the crap that comes up on the journey of trying to completely rewire patterns, habits, stories, and dated processes.

I've been helping women with their money for over 5 years now, and there are three very important pieces to the money puzzle.

It's not just mindset. That's for sure. [Most of my clients come to me already having worked with a money mindset coach or deep into a money mindset practice that's NOT WORKING]

It's not just a "program" or "process" [think only spreadsheets and budgets]

It's not outsourcing your money tasks to a bookkeeper or accountant [necessary at a point in your business, but only AFTER you've mastered your money as a CEO]

It's not calling in abundance. You have to set up a lot of back end money systems for money to be attracted to you. Trust me, I've seen it time and time again. You do the practical money work first, and the mindset and manifesting gets SOOOOO much easier.

WHAT IS IT?! What are the 3 pieces that work so harmoniously together to give you the money strategy that works for YOUR life, YOUR business, and YOUR unique set of circumstances? Glad you asked. I'm covering each of the three layers of strategy in today's episode. Learn more about Moneywise here. Follow Katy on IG.



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