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Transformative Tips for Financial Well-Being in Divorce with Sharri Freedman

This week I'm interviewing Sharri Freedman, a powerhouse in relationship and divorce coaching. Sharri, with her dynamic law background and empowering mind magic techniques, shed light on a topic many of us shy away from: the intersection of money and divorce.

We navigated through the murky waters of financial fear that keep so many women anchored in unfulfilling marriages. Sharri emphasized the pressing need for intentional financial planning and candid money discussions - despite cultural taboos. This episode wasn't just theory; Sharri shared the practical Abraham Hicks prosperity game which really got us thinking about financial abundance and responsible spending.

Money matters, and this chat with Sharri reinforced that in spades. As someone who's passionate about empowering women, I was nodding along as she detailed the three non-negotiables for financial safeguarding: understanding your assets and debts, building your own credit, and realistically assessing whether you can afford your marital home post-divorce. Know this, my friends: knowledge is your best asset during such a crucial life transition.

When it came to advice for life after divorce, Sharri was clear: take it slow. Stabilize your finances before you make any big investments. It was like preparing for a marathon, building up strength and stamina so that you don't trip up out of the starting gate. Sharri practices what she preaches, too—she's redefined her spending on experiences that resonate with her own sense of worth, rather than splurging on fleeting luxury items.

Remember, whether you're navigating the end of a marriage or simply refining your financial independence, knowledge, and intentional action are your best allies.

Sharri Freedman is a highly sought after relationship, divorce, and women’s empowerment coach. Sharri’s 3 decades as a divorce attorney, coupled with her background in neuroscience & spirituality empowers her clients to make clear, heart centered decisions so they live a fulfilling life without regret. 

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