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Ready to improve your relationship and habits with MONEY?

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Hi! I'm Katy

Leading money mentor and wealth coach, a teacher and speaker who works with ambitious women who are ready to:

> steward their money in their business and life by creating a sustainable strategy,
> simplify their process, and
> build limitless confidence in their money habits and behaviors.

With over a decade of experience in teaching and coaching combined with her own debt-free entrepreneurial journey and simplified life, Katy provides a unique service for her clients to help them slow down, map out their own joyful wealth-building journey, and create a life that has WAY less stress around money.

What people are saying...

"I'm inspired to follow more creative parts of my life. I have way more trust around myself with my money, and I can create the time to do more for ME and not hustle so much!"

"I don't feel like I have to check my numbers every single day like I used to. I'm not scared that I forgot something. I'm not scared of unexpected expenses. I'm not scared anymore."

"I just feel so much less stressed about money now. It's so refreshing and relieving! I can look at my numbers calmly now... almost care-free! That's a pretty huge shift."

"Feeling really excited this week! I’ve always done our expenses and felt so anxious about it each time for 2 years…dreaded it! I made a plan…feels good to have this accountability and plan of action. Thank you Katy for all the brilliant coaching!"

"Feeling lighter and more freedom with my business and personal finances. Feeling open to changing my old systems, learning what I didn’t know and being open to laying a new foundation that feels more solid and sustainable…and feeling like I can start building now…"

"I feel so empowered already with my business now that I’ve set up a new system that is in the works…a new steady foundation that feels more predictable and I’m clearly seeing where all my revenue goes"

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