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ADHD, Impulsive Spending, and Financial Boundaries with Janita Falschlunger

Katy Almstrom, a money mentor and financial coach for self-employed women, delves into the common struggle with savings and offers valuable insights on how to increase your savings.

In this episode of "Messy to Magnetic," Katy and Janita delve into strategies for managing impulsive spending and setting boundaries. They highlight the importance of self-compassion and avoiding self-judgment. Both speakers stress the necessity for support and coaching across various life aspects, while also discussing Janita's entrepreneurship journey and the potential for future collaboration. Janita shares insights on how to connect with her through her website and Facebook groups, and notes plans to narrow her online presence in the future.

Katy underscores the significance of attracting the right clients to succeed in business, advising consumers to think thoughtfully about their purchases. Janita suggests strategies like tracking spending to remain accountable and adopting a CEO mindset to make objective decisions. Both hosts emphasize identifying triggers for impulsive behavior and practicing self-compassion. Katy mentions that financial challenges are common, reassuring listeners to accept themselves without judgment.

In their discussion on tools to tackle impulsive spending and ADHD-related challenges, Janita highlights the importance of recognizing and being aware of impulsive habits. She advises changing the inner monologue to seek help without using ADHD as an excuse to overspend, setting spending limits, and delaying purchases to break impulsive behaviors into manageable steps. Future episodes will address debt freedom and no-spend months to offer further financial guidance.

Katy believes that individuals with ADHD or impulsive spending habits can still achieve financial success by setting small goals and being aware of their financial activities. She introduces Janita as a business coach and strategist dedicated to helping entrepreneurs build sustainable online businesses. Janita, who navigates ADHD and money herself, runs the Business Mama's community and the ADHD Entrepreneurs Society. She explains that common client challenges include impulsivity in spending, fear of missing out (FOMO), and feeling judged or making excuses for their behaviors. These impulsive buying behaviors often lead to regret, creating a cycle of overspending and feeling stuck. Janita emphasizes the importance of taking a step back and thinking things through to avoid impulsive buying, focusing the conversation on how these challenges impact business and money management for individuals with ADHD.

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