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The 4-Minute


Upgrade Your Money Mindset

Improve your relationship with money and fast track your money growth with this daily meditation

4 minutes to...


More money peace

When you've got more peace around money, you're free to focus on growing your business without all that financial stress hanging over you. It lets you make bold moves, take risks, and invest in what really matters for your long-term success. When you're relaxed about money, you've got this whole aura of abundance and freedom, making it easier to succeed in both your personal life and biz.


Better money communication

When you've got open communication with your money, it's like having a clear roadmap for your financial journey. You can make informed decisions, track your progress, and address any challenges head-on. Ultimately, it leads to a healthier relationship with money, less stress, and more confidence in managing your finances effectively.


More compassion for your money journey

When you have more compassion for yourself on your money journey, it's like giving yourself a warm hug of understanding and support. You can acknowledge your mistakes without judgment, learn from them, and move forward with greater resilience. Ultimately, you develop more self-acceptance, empowerment, and a positive outlook on your financial future.


About Katy

Leading Money Mentor & Wealth Coach for driven women entrepreneurs ready to improve their relationship with money and be a CEO with money in their business and life.


Using my signature Moneywise Framework, I help women connect with their money, learn how to spend, save, and invest for their unique lifestyle, and build the life of their dreams. 


Back in 2009, early on in my teaching career (I was a high school teacher for 13 years!) I was broke, frustrated, $35,000 in debt, and maxing out credit cards left and right.


Enough was enough and I got serious about my relationship with money. 

Since then I’ve paid off all my debt, gotten married, had two kids, retired from teaching, and started a business, which I’ve grown debt-free for the past 5 years. 


I haven’t had fancy overnight success, I don’t own any Louis Vuitton bags, and my Toyota Sienna is a 2006. 


But I have a high net worth, I don’t fight about money with my spouse, I’ve made money in my business every single month for over five years, and I love my relationship with money. I enjoy it, I steward it well, I feel neutral about it. 


When I started my healthy money journey 15 years ago, I had no idea the powerful catalyst that certain new thoughts, habits and tools would be for my wealth building journey.

Which is why I’ve created a tool to help you on your journey too.

RaeEllenPhotography-3014 (1).jpg

One more thing...

If money feels hard, heavy, and stressful right now, I see you and I want to honor those feelings. I've been there and I've seen hundreds of women in that same spot.

I encourage you to take this small step with your money because I KNOW it will bring a smile to your face, and it only takes 4 minutes. 

Do you have 4 minutes to improve today?


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