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The #1 Money Practice You Don't Want to Ignore

Katy Almstrom, a money mentor and financial coach for self-employed women, delves into the common struggle with savings and offers valuable insights on how to increase your savings.

Today, I'm diving deep into an essential money management practice that’s super important for anyone trying to tweak their financial strategies and meet their money goals in 2024. You don't wanna miss today’s chat! I've packed it with personal stories, hands-on advice, and insights that can really transform your approach to money.

Here’s What You’ll Learn:

- Understanding Money Stories: Find out how those deep-seated beliefs about money influence our financial behavior and learn why it’s crucial to rethink these old narratives.

- Breaking Through Limitations:  I share my own journey and talk about how changing the way I think about money helped me transition from being a private school teacher to becoming a successful money mentor.

- Holding Higher Standards: Discover how you can lift your financial expectations and keep yourself accountable to achieve your money dreams.

- Continuous Growth and Learning: Find out why it’s important to stay current and flexible with your financial mindset to ensure you keep growing both personally and financially.

Be sure to register for the FREE 3-Day Money Mindset Challenge happening later this month!

The 4-Minute Money Upgrade:



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