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Ready to say good-bye to money stress and anxiety?

It's time to put together a 90-day money plan that works for YOU, your business, and your lifestyle.

It's time to focus on what will reduce the most money stress and make the most impact towards your unique goals.

It's time to identify at the mindset shifts that could support your goals most.

It's time to get off the money roller coaster!

Your money plan needs a boost, and I'm here to help.


The Money Intensive

A 90-Minute Deep Dive Intensive to Plan Your Next 12 Months

It’s time to feel more confident and in control of your money – minus the stress of figuring it out yourself!
  • Gone are the days where you aren’t sure where your money is going or what it should  be doing once your bills are paid

  • Gone is the stress of wanting to do all the things: pay debt, invest, save money, reinvest in the business–because you have a clear plan for where to start and WHY that makes sense.

  • Imagine looking at your numbers in a calm and care-free way…no more resisting looking at it or living in denial. 

Here's how this intensive session works:


Step 1: Pre-Work to help you get clear on your current financial situation. Before your 90-minute strategy call, you'll receive pre-work to help you prepare for our session. This will include a detailed questionnaire to help me understand your current financial situation and your long-term financial goals. I'll also ask you to provide some basic financial information, such as your income, expenses, and debt. This pre-work will ensure that we're fully prepared to make the most of our time together during the strategy call.


Step 2: 90 minute strategy call where we identify three specific areas of focus. During our 90-minute strategy call, we'll identify a specific point of focus for your (1) personal finances, (2) business finances, and (3) money habits. For example, we might determine that in (1) your personal finances, quickly paying off some high interest debt is the top priority, (2) in your business finances you need a 30 day cash reserve (to be created by pausing a couple of barely used services and keeping a little more cash in the business), and (3) for habits, we identify a story about there not being enough money to shift. Instead of "I don't know where my money goes,"  you start identifying as someone who is willing to look at her money on a weekly basis. 


Step 3: Follow-up support After our strategy call, you'll have the time to start implementing your plan and take action with your money. When questions or mindset bumps come up, I'm an email away to keep the momentum going and continue to tweak your plan so it WORKS for you!

At the end of your intensive, you will:

  • Feel confident in your next steps with money

  • Be armed with three key areas for you to focus on to master your money

    • One specific area in your business

    • One specific area in your personal life

    • Once specific habit or mindset shift

I’m going to take you through what each of these are as it pertains to you and your unique business and your unique lifestyle. 

Ready to take off the blinders and look at your money?

Limited spots available NOW
Only $410 [ $497]

I'm Katy

I'm here to help you map out your own unique wealth building process.


Growing your net worth is a simple process that requires two things from you:

1. Earn an income that lights you up.

2. Learn to spend less than you make.

Pretty freaking simple on paper. Possibly annoying to read.

But I know that while it's simple, it's not easy.


You're human.


~There's a lot going on in your life that keeps "map out wealth plan" near the bottom of your daily to-do list. 


~You have enough money stories to fill an anthology...the kinds of money stories that make it hard to keep "wealth building" simple. 


~You have family, friends, mentors, coaches, and the media giving you advice on what to spend on next. 


My mission is to help you cut through the money clutter and noisy advice and help you identify your best next steps with money so you can actually save money, spend without guilt, and grow your business with some money in the bank.


This is a perfect fit for you if...

1. You're ready for a clear plan for your money that helps you build your net worth and works with your lifestyle

2. You've half heartedly tried to budget and save before, but now you're determined to direct your revenue consistently and intentionally to create spaciousness in your business for strategic planning. 

3. You crave a strategy for how much to pay yourself, how much to invest in your business, and how much you should spend on outsourcing, saving, paying off debt, etc.

4. You desire an empowered relationship with money. Empowerment that comes from knowing that your money is taking care of business and you are building wealth over time.

What my incredible clients are saying...


I hired Katy to help me STOP reinvesting all my money into my business. My credit cards were maxed out, I had zero savings, and I could not stop spending.


Katy helped me create more savings than I've ever had. She also helped me understand how I can prioritize my spending so that I still enjoy my life even WHILE I'm paying down debt.


When I first started working with Katy, I felt like I was spinning my wheels with no clear direction on where I was going with my business.


Within weeks, I set clear goals on what I wanted to accomplish in business and personal life. I created clear buckets for my money in my business, got closer to my money and created a plan on how to reach my goals.


 Katy is amazing in helping me dig deeper to see what I truly want to do and not just doing things because that's what everyone else is doing.


My favorite thing about doing this work with Katy is that she helps me stay focused on my goals and go for the thing I truly want. I often get comfortable with where I am which causes me not to grow and Katy has helped me keep pushing forward so I can reach my big goals for 2023!


Katy helped my husband and me have more productive conversations about money and helped me confront some of my mindset around money so I could have a healthier perspective. Best result-- we are having conversations about our goals and dreams together AND making progress toward those things.


I went from being really messy with my income to nearly losing all of my business and then pulling myself right back out of it and getting on a really good strong track. I never thought being so grounded in numbers and income could be so much fun! Katy is a perfect blend of spiritual mindset and practical money management.



Knowing what was going on with my money and what I could pay myself this month let me have good boundaries with a client and I got paid the full amount I was due.


Previously, I would have taken whatever she would pay because I thought I needed the money.


Limited spaces available!

Katy's down-to-earth style and simplified approach to finances has been worth it's weight in gold! In less than 3 months of following Katy's advice, we've cut over $1,000 from our monthly spending and conversations about money are much easier!


Katy is a gem. She is humble, supportive and takes in the whole picture when looking at our financial questions. She is realistic and not afraid to call out the faulty beliefs that get so many of us in trouble around our finances. I'm so grateful to know her.


It feels so good to look at my money!! This is exactly what I want... no hiding!


Final Word…


You’re making money.

You’re excited about the impact you’re having in your business.

But month after month after month, it feels like you have nothing to show for it.

But the money work has been at the bottom of your to-do list for too long, and you're ready to dig in and start seeing some real changes in your net worth.


You know that more money in your hands is a GOOD thing. 

You’ve figured out how to make money, and you're damn good at it.


It’s time to take off the blinders, be the CEO of money in your life, and start building a net worth that you’re proud of.

You're more confident than ever with money because you’re growing your net worth with intention every day.

You get to wake up without money stress because a clear strategy- YOUR strategy- is in place. 

Save $87 by booking your intensive today.
Limited spaces available

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