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Let me're here because you're ready for something NEW with your money. 

Hey lovely,

You don't want another manifestation module, list of positive money affirmations, or sleepless nights wondering how you're going to pay for it all and keep your sanity in check. 

You want results. I got you.

My signature program, the Moneywise Mastermind, is an online group mastermind program for self employed women who want to take control of their money in business and in life. 

Net Worth


90-minute intensive coaching session

Harness the power of an intensive session to powerfully influence and improve your relationship with money. It’s time to feel more confident and in control of your money – minus the stress of figuring it out yourself!

You can also check out my Facebook Group, 

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for free monthly trainings to improve your relationship to money and elevate your net worth!

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