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4 Things I Don't Spend Money On

Katy Almstrom, a money mentor and financial coach for self-employed women, delves into the common struggle with savings and offers valuable insights on how to increase your savings.

Welcome back to another captivating episode of Messy to Magnetic with your host, Katy Almstrom. In this episode, Katy provides listeners with an insightful look into her intentional approach to spending and the deliberate choices she and her husband make when it comes to their finances. She delves into the four key categories where they opt not to spend money, including refraining from buying new furniture and clothing, handling labor-intensive projects themselves, avoiding the purchase of new cars, and minimizing their spending on alcohol and entertainment outings.

Katy does a deep dive into their thought process behind these decisions and how they leverage their skills and resources to save money in these areas. This episode offers a thought-provoking exploration of intentional spending and how aligning one's financial choices with their values and priorities can bring about a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment. Join us as we consider the impact of intentional spending on our lives and how it can influence our overall financial well-being. This episode is a must-listen for anyone seeking to reevaluate their spending habits and make intentional choices with their money.

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