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Navigating “Money Mindset” BS: An Interview with Kim Argetsinger

If you’re looking for an unfiltered and brutally honest conversation about money and money mindset between two women who have seen all sides of money success, buckle up and get your journal out to take notes.

This was hands down my favorite conversation about money yet in 2023.

This week’s episode of Messy to Magnetic is my interview with my friend Kim Argetsinger, business mentor and brilliant coach who has made over a million dollars in her 1:1 coaching practice by helping her clients create authentic business practices and recurring revenue to experience regulated and joyful entrepreneurial experiences.

Kim’s perspective of money and the money mindset industry is so perceptive and helpful when the rest of us feel like we’re navigating the wild wild west.

In our interview, you’ll hear:

  • The money mindset practices that actually serve our clients

  • Specific ways to start creating more money safety in your business

  • How Kim loves to spend money and what she intentionally does NOT spend money on

Come listen! It’s so much fun and there are so many moments when you’ll breathe a sigh of relief because of all the permission given in this episode about how to think about money.

Kim Argetsinger is a business coach with a mission to help you create *your* version of business success and make money on *your* terms.

Kim’s been around the business and coaching block for 7 1/2 years, has been on thousands and thousands of coaching calls, and has built a booked out, multi-six-figure business and team - her way - that’s brought in $1.2 million in revenue in the last 4.5 years and $700k in the past two from a 1:1 model alone, without using complicated funnels or ads.

Using her coaching framework of clarity, mindset, strategy and action, Kim helps you tap into your unique edge and define & own your role as a CEO to run your business like a business for six and seven-figure results.

Kim’s clients make their own rules, take up space, and grow and scale businesses that run like a well-oiled machine so they can make their own record-breaking income months from their first sale ever, to recurring $5k, $10k, $20k, and even $100k cash months.

28 of Kim’s clients have made $10k months, 15 have made their first six-figures, many have scaled to multi-six-figures, $500k and $800k years, and three clients have grown from early stages of business to a million+.

Kim's also an ex-actress who started over in Manhattan (if you can make it here, you can make it anywhere, right?), an introverted-extrovert, and coffee and pizza lover who believes a good sweat sesh can cure most things.

Connect with Kim:

Facebook Group with 16k+ members: Business Besties & Creative Bosses

Free Gift - Instant & Free Access to the Masterclass: The Path to Consistent $10k Months



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