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Rewriting Your Money Story with Sofia Rose Bernardi

Katy Almstrom, a money mentor and financial coach for self-employed women, delves into the common struggle with savings and offers valuable insights on how to increase your savings.

Voted as one of the top 30 coaches to look out for in 2021 by the New York City Journal, Sofia Rose Bernardi is a Mindset & Business Coach helping ambitious coaches grow to 10K+ months through simple strategy + events using The Rising Coach Method™.


Sofia built a million dollar coaching business by the age of 26, and credits her journey to the discovery of the combination of mastering your Mindset, Strategy and running online Events and the process she journeyed in her late teens and early 20s of overcoming her own personal struggles. Sofia now helps women build confidence and create a sustainable, scalable and simple coaching business that brings in consistent 10K+ months.


On top of this, Sofia is an NLP Practitioner and has been trained under Tony Robbins Life Coaching certification and John Gottman’s Couples Therapy Certification.


Her love and energy is contagious and will leave you feeling empowered and inspired to create the life you deserve and desire.  Sofia is relatable, easy to talk to and allows the space for you to be your authentic self and helps you to bring out the best in you.




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