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Upgrade Your Relationship with Money

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Ready for actionable ways to improve your relationship with money?

Let me guess...

you're here because you're ready for something NEW with your money.

You don't want another manifestation module, list of positive money affirmations, or sleepless nights wondering how you're going to pay for it all and keep your sanity in check. 

Whether you are navigating a lot of credit card debt or don’t know where to start with a recent inheritance


Whether you come from a very affluent family or grew up with very little


Whether you have budgeted in the past or this is a brand new concept for you…

This guide was designed to support you and help you take the next step on your unique journey with money.

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Let's break down:

What actually "works" in the flood of money mindset to-dos you've accumulated

The strategy behind a healthy money mindset and what to actually do with your money to get there


Easy ways to upgrade your lifestyle before more money shows up

Hi, I'm Katy!


Leading Money Mentor & Wealth Coach for driven women entrepreneurs ready to improve their relationship with money and be a CEO with money in their business and life.


Using my signature Moneywise Framework, I help women connect with their money, learn how to spend, save, and invest for their unique lifestyle, and build the life of their dreams. 


Back in 2009, early on in my teaching career (I was a high school teacher for 13 years!) I was broke, frustrated, $35,000 in debt, and maxing out credit cards left and right.


Enough was enough and I got serious about my money. 

Since then I’ve paid off all my debt, gotten married, had two kids, retired from teaching, and started a business, which I’ve grown debt-free for the past 5 years. 


I haven’t had fancy overnight success, I don’t own any Louis Vuitton bags, and my Toyota Sienna is a 2006. 


But I have a high net worth, I don’t fight about money with my spouse, I’ve made money in my business every single month for over five years, and I basically get to do and have everything I want.


When I started my debt-free journey over a decade ago, I had no idea the powerful catalyst that certain new habits and tools would be for my wealth building journey.


Which is why I’ve created a tool to help you on your journey too.

With this tool, I'll help you:


What do you believe about money and how do your actions reflect those beliefs?

It's time to up-level our beliefs and actions in a way that our brain can get on board with and not eye-roll [i.e. let's marry manifestation AND reality]



Lack of direction for their money is the number one reason my clients come to me stressed about money, plain and simple. I'm sharing the top strategies for your money that will boost your bank account quickly.


Your dreamy days, your balanced schedule, and your upgraded lifestyle are NOT on the other side of a huge bank account, debt freedom, or huge revenue months. They start now. 

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